As President of the Senate, I recognize that I have a unique role. In addition to representing my district, I also hold an office that effects the entire state. My approach to this is simple: pragmatism and compassion. As I work to do what I believe is right, I ask how it will influence the communities with our great state. That said, below you'll see how I view many of the issues that Utah is dealing with.



Considering that government officials and workers are stewards of public funds and trust, I believe that should be held accountable for their actions. I've ran several campaigns on government accountability and transparency. That's why I successfully sponsored legislation creating the State Financial Transparency website, This website provides public access to state financial information, such as Utah Tax Commission reports, state audits, and public searches.



I am a Certified Public Accountant.  I am committed to an accoutable, transparent, and participatory government. I always seek to limit the burden on Utahns while maximizing the quality of life for the most people possible.



As a father, education is among tissues most important to me. Our future as a state will be shaped by this issue. In considering how we spend tax dollars, I believe that our children should be the top priority. I trust school boards to make decisions for their communities. These institutions should, however, be transparent, so that we can monitor and improve programs that are succeeding.

I also believe that parents and guardians need to be involved in the education of the students that they have in their care. Legislation that empowers them to do so is important and should be considered.


Clean Air

Our beautiful state attracts millions of people. Our recreation is second to none. That said, Utah’s unique geography has created challenges for our air quality. There are steps we can take to improve the air quality along the Wasatch Front.  I support efforts that help us clean our air. As we seek legislative solutions, we must be aware of the consequences that our decisions have on citizens throughout the state.



We need to care for the most vulnerable in our society. In doing so, we need to seek solutions that give consumers choice regarding their healthcare. Sadly, much of this issue is controlled at the federal level. We should as a state, however, find ways to empower Utahns. 


Economic Prosperity

As a small business owner, I understand the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs. I believe that legislators should make it easy for those who take risks to build our economy. Regulation is important insofar as it protects consumers and creates a level playing field. After that, government should support businesses and, ultimately, the employees and families that these organizations support.